Fairytale Castles in South Africa

Fairytale castles in South Africa

Everyone has once dreamt of living the fairytale and having their own castle with a prince or princess at their side. From a young age we hear and see stories of a beautiful prince and princess or king and queen living in enchanted castles travelling on horseback and having servants catering to their every need. Now this is seen as only a fairytale and does not happen in real life, or does it…?

South Africa is not known as a country with historic castles as you will find in some European countries and the United Kingdom. But living a fairytale life in a castle in the beautiful sunny South Africa can be a reality. We have some beautiful castles at a fraction of the price of what you will pay in other countries.

The small town of Clarens in the Free State has one of these fairytale castles with a medieval name, the Camelot Castle. It boasts a plot surface of over 3000m², a living area of over 400m²and is priced at under R3million making living like royalty a dream come true. This castle features a total of 5 en-suite bedrooms, 2 living areas and a majestic garden. The castle is excellent for use as a wedding venue and guest house. There are 2 other castles that can also be found in this small town. Nestled in the Maluti Mountains is the Rapunzel Tower, which is currently being used as a guest house. It has 2 double en-suite bedrooms and can easily sleep 4. The 3rd castle to be found in Clarens is the Destiny castle, which is also currently marketed by Engel & Vӧlkers`s and sits atop a 460 ha mountain estate on the border of Lesotho. It serves as a venue and boasts an in-house spa and can accommodate 8 people.

Down in the Garden Route we find our 4th castle in Knysna. The Pezula Private Castle is located on the Noetzie Beach adjacent to the internationally acclaimed Pezula Private Estate. The castle was built as a holiday home in 1932 out of natural stone found at Noetzie by Herbert Stephen Henderson who lived in what was then Southern Rhodesia. This property consists of 3 different double storey castles. The main castle has a living area of 656m², boasting a total of 2 luxurious en-suite bedrooms with terraces, a wood burning fireplace, under floor heating, climate control and a gym. The honeymoon castle has a living area of 190m² and features an en suite bedroom with a terrace, a wood burning fireplace, under floor heating and climate control. Then the 3rd castle also has an en-suite bedroom, under floor heating, climate control and a kitchenette.

So living your childhood fairytale could become a reality even in South Africa. So if you feel like living like a king in queen in your own castle feel free to contact Engel & Vӧlkers Clarens at  0861 364 3537 email clarens@engelvoelkers.com or Engel & Vӧlkers Knysna at 044 382 4344, email knysna@engelvoelkers.com



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