Why follow the career path of an estate agent after school?


Real estate plays a major role in our lives as it is not only an investment and an asset, it is also essential to have a place to live in. It’s very seldom that matriculants choose to become an estate agent or sales advisor. There is also a misconception of the real estate business in general, and just how lucrative it can before a rookie agent. There fore we strongly recommend that before deciding on your career, look at what your ultimate expectations are. Once you have made the decision to enter the real estate sales profession, contact a reputable firm in close proximity to your home, as this will play a major role in your early success.

Should you wish to enter the real estate field directly after school, it is highly recommended that you have a passion for sales, be willing to work hard, be disciplined and dedicated,as this is a profession that needs constant attention. These are key factors in providing a good service.

School leavers are normally concernd as to where a career path will take them and what the future their career choice will hold for them. Obtaining an academic real estate qualification holds great opportunities. For example you can obtain your NQF 4 and 5, and study to become a professional property valuator. By joining a property developer you could perhaps be encouraged to become a quantity surveyor or even a commercial broker.

The most exciting aspect of becoming a real estate sales advisor is the financial aspect thereof.  “As a qualified sales advisor, after two to three years of practical experience in a specific territory, you could earn significant amounts per month on a consistent basis. However, take heed that you will not earn any income for the first six months of your career and thus our advice is that on entering this profession you have to be financially self-sufficient for this period. Becoming a real estate sales professional will open doors to a number of opportunities in the real estate industry and give you the opportunity to choose in what direction you would like to specialise in” says Riaan van Deventer, Head of Real Estate for Engel & Völkers Southern Africa.

“If the opportunity exists for a school leaver to still be financially dependant on their parents for a time period, as they continue to gain experience in the market, it would afford them the time to work their way into the market and to start their career. Young school leavers are eager to learn and apply themselves and this is precisely the type of enthusiasm needed, with time and experience, to become a top property specialist,” Craig Hutchison, CEO of Engel & Völkers Southern Africa added.


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  1. Keep working ,splendid job!

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