Happy Birthday Engel & Volkers


Engel & Völkers Global turns 35

Engel & Völkers was established in Hamburg, Germany in 1977 by Dirk Engel and Christian Völkers. Since its inception, Engel & Völkers has established a truly international footprint with representation in over 34 countries on five continents. We are a globally operational service provision company specialising in the brokerage of premium residential property, commercial real estate and yachts. The continuous expansion of our network and the renowned reputation of our brand give us access to an exclusive client base. We feel fully at home within the social and professional circles of discerning and sophisticated individuals. Our employees live out the spirit of our brand with enthusiasm and conviction. Engel & Völkers is now an established brand in Germany, as well as in most European countries and in Asia, America and South Africa. We are operational worldwide with a total of more than 400 residential property shops and over 44 commercial offices – based in 36 countries spanning five continents. Approximately 3,700 highly qualified employees work under the Engel & Völkers umbrella brand. Our proven licence partner system forms the basis for our continuous growth, ensuring international presence and specialisation in sub-markets. The shop concept was introduced in the mid-1990s to facilitate our rapid and consistent expansion strategy. Located in prime positions and conceived in the Company’s standard corporate design, the residential property shops create a clear profile and familiarity in the mindsets of our clients and potential clients.

Engel & Völkers SA celebrates a decade of professional service

The South African operation was established in 2000 with the opening of an office in Cape Town under Christian Völkers. In March 2003 the SA master licence were awarded and the roll-out into the rest of the country commenced and is now acquired by a consortium of shareholders under the guidance of CEO, Craig Hutchison. Since 2009 Engel & Völkers Southern Africa has grown at a phenomenal rate and has become one of the leading real estate companies in South Africa. From 2003 to 2013 Engel & Völkers has sold approximately 40 new licences in areas throughout Southern Africa. In 2012 Engel & Völkers Southern Africa also experienced one of their best financial years yet as they leapt into 2013 surpassing their competitors and reaching new heights in their overall market share. This being an appropriate birthday gift as Engel & Völkers Southern Africa celebrates its 10th year this month. “With 10 years past and with me in my 4th year, the growth of the company is overwhelming and is beyond any expectations”, says Craig Hutchison CEO of Engel & Völkers Southern Africa.

The National Guide to Real Estate turns 5

In March 2007, the first edition of the Local Guide to Southern Africa was published. After extensive research and having failed to find something suitable and in keeping with our sophisticated brand in the marketplace, we at Engel & Völkers Southern Africa decided to take the bold step of producing our own national advertising medium. In 2010, as our footprint grew, we felt it appropriate to rebrand our publication accordingly to the National Guide to Southern African Real Estate. It has grown in leaps and bounds over this period. From a mere 20 000 copies a month, the NG now boasts 50 000+ copies with an estimated readership of 110 000. Copies are distributed throughout Southern Africa, from Hoedspruit to Port Elizabeth, and from Potchefstroom to Cape Town. The NG has now become a reliable source of real estate information for both buyers and sellers entering the market as well as for the general public who would like to read the interesting property news and facts regarding certain areas as well as some useful tips.

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