Plan your next move


It could end up a being a back-breaking and particularly stressful experience when moving from house to house. Nobody enjoys the endless hours of packing and the moving of heavy furniture.

When planning your next move, Biddulphs suggested this useful list of things to check beforehand:

§              Determine what the actual total expenses are that you will incur with a move.

§              Confirm your dates for the move and then complete and sign the quote acceptance form as well as the insurance proposal form.

§              Cancel all subscriptions to magazines, newspapers etc. at your current address.

§              Make arrangements for the transport of your pets. Biddulphs also offer a service to relocate your beloved pets.

§              Notify your insurance company of your new address details.

§              Advise all other parties of your change of address.

Furthermore, we would like to suggest that you notify the authorities such as your personal bank, SARS, all your insurance companies and your doctor at least a month prior to your move.  Close the account at the local municipality as well. This is very important as some authorities may levy an additional charge if you have not informed them that you are moving. Thereafter diarise that the day prior to your departure you lock away all firearms, jewellery, money and any other valuables. Also remember to empty your fridge and make sure that your washing machine and refrigerator are properly packed and ready to be moved.

Once the final day for the move is upon you, all curtains should be taken down and empty the drawers and wardrobes.  Once this has been done can you  start to relax, as the movers will pack the crockery, glassware and books. To save time, however, we want to suggest that you gather all your small items in one or two rooms – this will assist the movers greatly with the packing.

The actual packaging of individual items must be one of the most painstaking endeavours when you are moving. Hours and hours of non-stop wrapping and packing of breakables. Biddulphs offers individual item packaging as one of their services as they have professionals to pack your most beloved paintings and fine arts.

Another important aspect when moving is your All Risks insurance. Although you are entrusting your household goods and personal effects to a professional mover, there is always the possibility of loss or damage of items while your consignment is transported locally or by train or ship. You are therefore encouraged to purchase insurance for such losses. This type of insurance cover is specifically designed for the insurance of household goods, personal effects, antiques, fine arts, automobiles, etc. during domestic transit. This insurance coverage is called All Risk, door to-door with a few exclusions or special conditions.

Whether you’re moving city-to-city or town-to-town, Biddulphs delivers your move with total confidence. Every staff member is professionally trained in every aspect of packing, handling, loading and offloading of your belongings. Your move will be personally supervised by one of our professionally trained drivers and supervisors. Our managerial and operational staff all completed their studies at the University of Johannesburg and obtain a Road Transport Management Diploma and Degree and is therefore more than qualified to deal with the daily demands of the business.


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