Put your home in safe hands: Marketing property the Engel & Völkers way


A person who sells their property enters the market with one thought and that is to obtain the highest price in a certain time frame. As one of the leading real estate companies in the world Engel & Völkers will assist you to achieve this. Our agents realise the needs of clients and strive to promptly and gainfully sell your property.


Here is a short process overview on how Engel & Völkers will assist you in the marketing of your property.

1.             The first step is an initial consultation. This offers property specialists the opportunity to learn about their clients on a more personal note so that they can understand the needs of the specific client. The clients’ aspirations are essential for a successful sale.

2.             Expert property appraisal is vital as the agent must determine the true market value of a distinctive property. When selling your property, the market appraisal plays an important role in a sale. Your Engel & Völkers shop provides personal care and attention by their team of sale advisors.

3.             Engel & Völkers offers a personalised marketing plan to ensure complete dedication to a client. The personal focus and dedication includes regular updates on the status of your sale, feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing activities as well as up-to-date local marketing knowledge.

4.             Customised marketing programme. Your property is unique and in order to accentuate this, Engel & Völkers will prepare a tailored marketing programme for you. Some of these marketing activities include print and online advertising, direct mailings and public relations. To ensure the client’s needs are accommodated, all the proposed marketing activities are first agreed upon by the seller.

5.             Successful home viewings. To ensure successful viewings, correct planning and preparation is vital. A buyer needs to visualise their future home from the outset. The experienced Engel & Völkers specialists will assist you in staging your property correctly to accentuate the most attractive features of your property.

6.             Frequent client communication is of the utmost importance. Communicating to a client and keeping the client involved in market trends and the progress of their sale is just as essential as client services. Engel & Völkers consider an open and frequent communication with clients as one of the most important services – for without this, neither the agent’s expertise, nor their comprehensive service can produce a desired result.

7.             The sale and obtaining your desired result. With professional contract negotiation Engel & Völkers will obtain the best possible purchase price for you. The marketing experts at Engel & Völkers have committed themselves to a clearly defined goal: to identify the potential within your property and sell it for as profitably as possible.

8.             Lastly is the comprehensive after sale service. Even after a sale has been completed Engel & Völkers continue to work on your behalf. The agents will guide you through a successful handover of the property, and will subsequently remain at your disposal at any stage.  Engel & Völkers Premium Partners could also assist you in dealing with any organisational issues related to your move.

These are just a few short steps that Engel & Völkers undertake in the marketing and sale of your property. It therefore proves why Engel & Völkers is one of the leading real estate companies in the world.



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